Science of Rowing interview

GRowingBODIES spoke with Will Ruth of the Science of Rowing collaboration about our BJSM Epidemiology of Rowing injury and illness over two Olympiads research project. You can listen to the interview online.

The Science of Rowing is a resource for coaches and rowers of all levels. Each month, Will and co-authors, Blake Gourley and Joe DeLeo read across dozens of academic journals for rowing-relevant research, deliver summaries and takeaways from the most relevant articles, and discuss practical applications via audio roundtables, and supporting bonus content.

Subscriptions to the Science of Rowing in November are being donated to “A Most Beautiful Thing” Inclusion (AMBTI) Fund. This is a new organization created in partnership with the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and Arshay Cooper to support education, scholarship, and mentorship programs to get more kids rowing on the water, focusing on non-traditional communities and communities of color where youth face barriers to participation in the sport.

This was a great opportunity for us to collaborate with the @ScienceofRowing to get more @GRowingBODIES into rowing and to keep them rowing injury free!

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