We look forward to continuing our mission to reduce the incidence of low back pain in adolescent rowers and all injuries in the rowing community through injury prevention education on-line on the blog and social media.

GRowingBODIES is exploring taking our educational offerings on-line to ensure the greatest reach into the rowing clubs, schools and programs around the world.

Like everyone, we have been focussed on staying well, supporting our local community through clinical practice and continuing our research efforts throughout the COVID pandemic.

As the world returns to rowing on the water and in crews and club houses, we also look forward to the time when we have the capacity to share our research and clinical experience in an on-line learning environment.

We will soon have on-line education modules that include:

  • common rowing injuries
  • load management & monitoring
  • return to rowing protocols
  • musculoskeletal and movement screening to identify injury risk
  • the role of resistance training in adolescent athletes
  • warm up, stretching & trunk control programs for rowing injury minimisation
  • treatment techniques master classes
  • self management tools for athletes
  • take home resources to implement best practice in your clinic, school or club